Introducing: The Collinear

Introducing our all-new Collinear fixture, a stunning addition to our collection and an exciting evolution of our best-selling Segment design. Inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus movement, the Collinear fixture builds upon the clean lines and minimalist form of its predecessor to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Featuring two beautiful blown glass globes on one end and one on the other, the Collinear fixture creates a beautifully imbalanced look that is sure to draw the eye and add interest to any space. This versatile piece can function as both a wall sconce and a flushmount ceiling light, making it an ideal choice for any room or setting.

Available in any of our 6 in-house metal finishes or 36 in-house enamel colors, the Collinear fixture pays homage to the original Segment while offering a fresh and exciting take on our beloved design.


Kelly Aaron