Our Founder

Meet Kelly Aaron, the visionary behind Blueprint Lighting. With a profound passion for modern design and art, Kelly embarked on her entrepreneurial journey over 20 years ago, opening her first business and venturing into the world of curating museum exhibitions and facilitating the sale of rare pieces through high-end auction houses.

Fueled by her unwavering love for creativity and craftsmanship, Kelly founded Blueprint Lighting in 2016, driven by a deep desire to bring hand-crafted modern fixtures to the world. Her remarkable reputation stems from a relentless dedication to quality and an innate ability to transform spaces with innovative designs.

Recognized as a go-to resource for the interior design community, Kelly's commitment to customization and attention to detail have positioned Blueprint Lighting as a trusted name in the industry.

Our Team

Creative Director

Joshua Aaron

Josh is the larger-than-life creative mastermind behind Blueprint Lighting, as well as the husband to our Chief Luminary, Kelly. With his infectious humor and unparalleled zest for life, he infuses our creations with a playful energy that sparks real joy.

Sales Director

Monica Bousquet

Monica is our Sales Director and also oversees the Client Care Department. She takes great pride in her other full time job - being a mom. When she’s not helping clients, Monica enjoys spending time with her family, playing board games, and cooking. Monica believes recipes are simply to be used as inspiration and never follows them exactly as written. The result is both delicious and entertaining!  

Showroom Sales Manager

Zoe Gold

Zoe is our Showroom Manager and Head of Sales for the US Northeast, Midwest, and abroad. They're fond of rollerskating, gaming, dancing, and origami folding.

Lead Designer

Sami Rettig

With a blend of artistic flair and technical expertise, Sami creates lighting marvels, proving that greatness knows no bounds (even when you're 5' 1 ¼"). With a strong foundation in design principles, Sami brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to Blueprint Lighting. Her attention to detail and passion for pushing the envelope ensure that each new lighting creation is one to be remembered. As Lead Designer, her talent and dedication drive our team forward, promising a future filled with exceptional lights!

Brand Strategist

Annabel Reed

Annabel is a marketing jack-of-all-trades, responsible for managing Blueprint Lighting's social media accounts, newsletters, website, and more. She enjoys: taking pictures of clouds, rediscovering childhood joys, and doodling.