Installation Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly advise that you use a licensed electrician to install hardwired fixtures.

The metal finish on our fixtures is protected by a clear lacquer coating. While this lacquer is durable, the installer should wear the complimentary nitrile gloves included in the shipment when handling the fixture and during installation. If this precaution is not observed, it is possible to deposit oils from the skin causing dark spots to develop on the metal surface. If smudges or spotting occur, spray a small amount of Windex onto a soft cloth and rub gently. Be careful to not remove the lacquer coating.

If your fixture has moveable arms, please be sure not to over-rotate past 320° degrees to prevent damage to the internal wiring.

All Blueprint Lighting fixtures use standard line voltage wiring (Hot, Neutral, Ground). Please consult your licensed electrician regarding dimmer compatibility with your specific dimming system and be sure to use high-quality dimmable bulbs and switches.

Instructions for Plug-In Fixtures:

Instructions for Wall Sconces:

Standard Backplate:

  • The following lights can be installed using the Standard Backplate instructions: Apex, Arc, Auguri, Axial, Bi-Focal, Bicentric, Bisou, Campana, Campana Articulating, Centric, Cilindro, Cilindro 2, Collinear, Division, Double Arc, Focal Point, Harper, Jenny Glass, Jenny Wall, Kina, Kina 2, Ludo, Ludo Articulating, Molto, Molto, Monarch, Monarch Articulating, Monolith, Monolith Articulating, Petite Centric, Petite Magari, Petite Tulle, Pianeta, Piega, Piatto, Pop, Segment, Tuxedo

Raised Backplate:

  • Eccolo, MiniPOP

No Mounting Plate:

  • Magari, Mira Hex , Mira Round, Torno, Spun Tulle

Special Installations:

Instructions for Flushmounts:


  • Lucienne Flushmount
  • Corona Flushmount

Instructions for Ceiling Fixtures:

Standard Canopy:

  • The following lights can be installed using the Standard Canopy instructions: Aster, Bisou, Bivio, Campana 3-Tier, Campana Oval, Catalonia, Catalonia 2-Tier, Counterbalance, Counterbalance 2-Tier, Cortello, Grand Bouquet, Grand Molto, Harper Pendant, Ludo, Meteora, Monarch, Monarch 3-Arm, Monolith, Monolith 3-Tier, Molto, Molto 3-Arm, Molto 5-Arm, Montera, Nautilus, Orbital, Orbital 3-Tier, Petite Ludo, Petite Monolith, Pirouette, Supernova

Dome Canopy:

  • Calyx, Flotilla, Grand Calyx

Special Installations:


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