Welcome to Blueprint Lighting! We are a team of makers who specialize in delivering the unexpected. Our approach is rooted in creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship.

Our clients hire us to bring their visions to life and we do just that. From the initial concept to the final moment of illumination, we work in creative collaboration with our clients to make the impossible possible. With our diverse suite of 6 metal finishes and 36 color shades and our faster than expected delivery times, our designs and service are both unexpected and unmatched.


Our founder, Kelly Aaron, opened her first business over 20 years ago. Her passion for modern design and art led her to guest curate museum exhibitions and organize the sale of rare pieces via high-end auction houses. In 2016, she founded Blueprint Lighting and has since built an admirable reputation for providing hand-crafted modern fixtures. Known for our customization capabilities and extensive variety of in-house enamel color offerings, metal finishes and patinas, Blueprint Lighting has become a go-to resource for the interior design community.

We invite you to experience the unexpected with us. Let's see what we can create together.