Jewelry for the home.

In 2022, Emily Del Bello set out to begin a new tradition for her interior design business - an annual trip to Paris to source the best, most unique vintage pieces for her clients. As she explored the markets, hunting for designs to elevate her clients' projects back in the States, Emily found a muse in an unexpected place: her Parisian guide's earrings. They were Dior, she learned — a beautifully asymmetric study composed of pearls and delicate chains — and they were right up her alley.

Back in New York, Emily came across a newsletter in her inbox bearing the Blueprint Lighting tagline of "creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship." Dreaming of a collection of lights that would weave together the chicness of Paris with the modern, edgy allure of New York, using those incredible Dior earrings as inspiration, Emily realized that she had found the perfect collaborator to bring this vision to life.

A cherished friend and longtime client of our CEO, Kelly Aaron, Emily approached the Blueprint Lighting team with her idea. United by an unquenchable desire to craft something truly extraordinary, Emily and Kelly then embarked on a journey to create a collection that would effortlessly merge the essence of Parisian elegance with the edginess of New York City.

In the heart of our Midtown showroom, ideas flowed and laughter was shared. At the epicenter of our collaborative vision stood the source of Emily's Parisian new jewelry: the iconic Dior earrings. Fueled by this inspiration, we crafted four unique designs, each bearing the name of an iconic Dior muse.